Measuring all of my progress in small verses isn’t going to work as the project expands, although I will continue to use them to express my immediate goals. I also have some major milestones in mind, such that there is a complete game at each milestone that I can cut a version of and release. My current target will be called Rooms. Before I move onto to building a larger game world, I need to be able to pack some interesting things into a single room. The following are my high-level goals for Rooms and some details on room types in particular.

  1. Combat system
  2. Basic status effects
  3. Basic room archetypes
  4. Room “theme” separate from the room’s design

Room Archetypes

I want to have some representation of some basic rooms that I can apply some randomization to. Here is the starting list of archetypes and the inspirations I am pulling them from. This list should expand when they game increases in scope beyond a single room. If you think of a standalone room type I haven’t covered below, please leave a comment with your idea.

The Simple Barracks

Inspiration: Virtually any RPG

A basic room with some enemies and their equipment. Nothing to write home about, but if every room was really interesting, they wouldn’t stand out.

The Environmental Hazard Room

Inspiration: Super Metroid

The room is too hot, and will damage your character over time. The door itself is too hot to touch. Find some heat-protective armour or use a heat protective spell to survive the room and escape.

The Dormant Room

Inspiration: Adventures of Lolo

The room contains dormant enemies which will awaken upon finding the key to exit the room. Steps can be taken to destroy the enemies or limit their mobility prior to grabbing the key. Adventures of Lolo was one of my favourite NES games, and I always thought the mechanic was excellent.

The Laser Room (pew pew)

Inspiration: Penny Arcade D&D Session

A beam of light must be reflected through the room in order to activate mechanisms and weaken enemies, but it is hazardous to cross the beam yourself. Wax Golems and Ant Men, here we come.


The final version of The Room will drop you from one Room to the next, persisting stats, so a shop level is appropriate. I can insert them after every few rooms to give the player a chance to restock and sell. And give me the chance to implement trade in this version.