TOJAM 5 IS UPON US. Once again I am joining my colleague Alex Bethke, and also Andrew Brykczynski, who worked with us on last year’s game Flip The Beach. Also joining us this year is TOJam newbie Kienan Walker.

I’ve been really busy lately, had to take a break from my Roguelike development to get life back in order. Posts should start appearing more regularly now, although I am still holding off on the Roguelike until I have more time to dedicate to it. My first foray into Test Driven Development in a personal project has taught me quite a bit about how unit tests should be written, and what types of things one shouldn’t try to unit test. Some test refactoring should allow me to make easier progress. I’ll make a follow up post to discsuss what I learned

Dwarf Fortress has now been updated to version 0.31, bringing an overhaul to the combat system and materials handling. There is much delectable modding goodness to be found there. Most my efforts in the short term will be devoted to working Dwarf Fortress modding tools and getting RantingRodent’s Graphical Overhaul updated with the new creatures and professions.