I just read this post by Greg Beaton on his Art of Game blog from back in February. Late last year I was talking to Alex about the same basic idea. Whenever I’m working on game projects I’m usually holed up in my computer room at home for hours on end, and sometimes the creative energy can be really difficult to sustain. Unlike a lot of other artistic disciplines, game developers are more tethered to equipment needs and can’t easily get a change of scenery while working. A common studio space for game development is a fantastic idea.

I’m not so sure about adding the additional overhead of selling merchandise on site, especially at the onset. Although, decent quality concessions are a pretty easy sell with game developers, as the TOJam concession stand demonstrates every year.

Game jams bring us together to achieve a short term goal every once in a while, but I’m really interested in a studio concept that would see local developers working closely on an ongoing basis. I hope this idea goes somewhere. I’m going to start bringing it up with other local developers and see if there’s any traction.