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A Quick Guide to TOJamming

With the announcement that TOJam 6 is imminent. We’ve done a little better each year and I’m really looking forward to this one. I wanted to take some time to share what I’ve learned by attending five of these crazy things and share what advice I have on improving your chances of success and minimizing your […]

A TOJam 5 Retrospective

It is done! 180 people this year, 160 of them on-site. And amazingly, with 35 more people than TOJam 3, it actually felt less hectic. The organizers were more sane and better rested, and actually had time to sit and chat more. Pro Tip:Talking to Jim McGinley for 30 minutes or so when you are […]

TOJam 5 Approaches

TOJAM 5 IS UPON US. Once again I am joining my colleague Alex Bethke, and also Andrew Brykczynski, who worked with us on last year’s game Flip The Beach. Also joining us this year is TOJam newbie Kienan Walker. I’ve been really busy lately, had to take a break from my Roguelike development to get […]

TOJam 4

TOJam will always be a special time of year for me, right up there with Christmas. It’s an amazing experience to sit down in a building filled to the brim with people who share your passion and are driving towards a common goal. Tweet

TOJam 3

TOJam was amazing as always. This is certainly the best year so far, in my opinion. Seems that the majority of attendees were using Flash this year, so Alex and I ended up answering a bunch of technical questions throughout the course of the weekend. I got one full night’s sleep of roughly 8 hours. […]