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Remote Teams and Location-based Game Jams

There were some comments earlier today complaining about the Global Game Jam’s decision not to allow remote teams that can’t get to a jam location. After debating the issue with David Gallant on Twitter I felt like I needed to collect my thoughts on the subject with a few more than 140 characters. First off, […]

The Rise and Fall of FTL

I had a problem when I first grabbed FTL. I couldn’t stop playing. I didn’t get my chores done, I had a hard time concentrating on work. Leave the house? After this next game. Maybe the one after that. Then something happened. I beat Sector 8. Every time I managed to best the flagship, I […]

Using Ethics to Fight Contrivances? Have We Learned Nothing from Pokemon?

Recently, Adam Saltsman made a two part post (Part One) (Part Two) critiquing aspects of social games and “freemium” business models. I share the distaste for the tactics, but we need to carefully consider what our opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are. Otherwise all we’re doing is talking for the sake of talk. Tweet

Studio Space for Game Developers in Toronto

I just read this post by Greg Beaton on his Art of Game blog from back in February. Late last year I was talking to Alex about the same basic idea. Whenever I’m working on game projects I’m usually holed up in my computer room at home for hours on end, and sometimes the creative […]

Moved to Mediatemple

After over a year of persistent downtime and performance issues under WebHost4Life, I’ve moved over to Mediatemple. Already feeling much more comfortable here. The lack of problems should improve post motivation. A great deal has happened over the past year. Quit my job. Started a company. I’ve done some work for Manulife Financial and have […]

Getting settled in

Given that everyone else in the business seems to have a blog of their own, I figured it was about time I caught up. I likely will not post very often; I’m not the most talkative person on the planet. Mostly I will be posting when I have something useful to share. I won’t bother […]