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Studio Space for Game Developers in Toronto

I just read this post by Greg Beaton on his Art of Game blog from back in February. Late last year I was talking to Alex about the same basic idea. Whenever I’m working on game projects I’m usually holed up in my computer room at home for hours on end, and sometimes the creative […]

Game Engine Design, Part Two: Triggers, Responses, and Katamaris

This is the second part of my series on game engine design. I’ve spent some time throwing around various ideas about the principal entities that a game engine should be concerned with and how they relate to each other. I’m going to hold off on any class diagrams or specific examples for the time being. […]

Runtime Object Editing in Actionscript 3.0 with AScalpel

There was a bit of buzz in the indie game community recently around the idea of editing object properties at runtime as a great way to tune gameplay quickly. I haven’t seen any attempts at a reusable system to handle it, so I thought I’d give it a go. AScalpel is a basic editor shell […]

Game Engine Design, Part One: The Role of the Engine

I’ve been responsible for a number of engines and frameworks over time, but they have been predominantly built for the purpose of solving some specific technically difficult problems. As we have embarked on the business of developing games ourselves, the need for a more comprehensive game engine is evident. We could use one of the […]

A TOJam 5 Retrospective

It is done! 180 people this year, 160 of them on-site. And amazingly, with 35 more people than TOJam 3, it actually felt less hectic. The organizers were more sane and better rested, and actually had time to sit and chat more. Pro Tip:Talking to Jim McGinley for 30 minutes or so when you are […]

TOJam 5 Approaches

TOJAM 5 IS UPON US. Once again I am joining my colleague Alex Bethke, and also Andrew Brykczynski, who worked with us on last year’s game Flip The Beach. Also joining us this year is TOJam newbie Kienan Walker. I’ve been really busy lately, had to take a break from my Roguelike development to get […]

IllFate Long Term Goals

Measuring all of my progress in small verses isn’t going to work as the project expands, although I will continue to use them to express my immediate goals. I also have some major milestones in mind, such that there is a complete game at each milestone that I can cut a version of and release. […]

IllFate Verse 1:4 Completed

Now that the busy holiday season is over, the steady progression towards being an actual game continues. There is now a single obstacle to escaping The Room; you have to pick up the key from the floor in order to open the exit door. It doesn’t sound like much, but it required quite a bit […]

Saving and Loading in IllFate

Saving and loading the game is potentially a rat’s nest of bugs for a complex game if it’s not done right. This is my approach to it in IllFate, complete with source code and some explanation. If you’ve had experience with similar systems or have any questions about the approach I’ve taken, I’d like to […]

IllFate Verse 1:3 Completed

What I expected to be easy turned out to be a rats nest, all because I didn’t maintain my diligence when completing verse 1:2. I had no tests for velocities higher than one. I knew it would be a problem when I did it, but it turned out much worse than I anticipated. I ended […]