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IllFate Verse 2 Completed

I’ve completed development to satisfy my second requirements Haiku. When the player reaches the door, they win, and the game is reset to its original state. Verse 1:2 Walk across the room. That door looks awfully nice. I just won the game. Tweet

Visual Verification with FlexUnit

A friend of mine wanted to get a look at the visual verification I’m using to unit test my rendering code, so I figured I might as well give it a spit-shine and share it with anyone that might find it useful. If you are working with pixel art a lot, especially if you are […]

IllFate Project

I am starting development of a Roguelike as a way of familiarizing myself with some development practices which I haven’t had a chance to use professionally yet. Tweet

TOJam 4

TOJam will always be a special time of year for me, right up there with Christmas. It’s an amazing experience to sit down in a building filled to the brim with people who share your passion and are driving towards a common goal. Tweet

TOJam 3

TOJam was amazing as always. This is certainly the best year so far, in my opinion. Seems that the majority of attendees were using Flash this year, so Alex and I ended up answering a bunch of technical questions throughout the course of the weekend. I got one full night’s sleep of roughly 8 hours. […]