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IllFate Long Term Goals

Measuring all of my progress in small verses isn’t going to work as the project expands, although I will continue to use them to express my immediate goals. I also have some major milestones in mind, such that there is a complete game at each milestone that I can cut a version of and release. […]

IllFate Verse 1:4 Completed

Now that the busy holiday season is over, the steady progression towards being an actual game continues. There is now a single obstacle to escaping The Room; you have to pick up the key from the floor in order to open the exit door. It doesn’t sound like much, but it required quite a bit […]

Saving and Loading in IllFate

Saving and loading the game is potentially a rat’s nest of bugs for a complex game if it’s not done right. This is my approach to it in IllFate, complete with source code and some explanation. If you’ve had experience with similar systems or have any questions about the approach I’ve taken, I’d like to […]

IllFate Verse 1:3 Completed

What I expected to be easy turned out to be a rats nest, all because I didn’t maintain my diligence when completing verse 1:2. I had no tests for velocities higher than one. I knew it would be a problem when I did it, but it turned out much worse than I anticipated. I ended […]

IllFate Verse 2 Completed

I’ve completed development to satisfy my second requirements Haiku. When the player reaches the door, they win, and the game is reset to its original state. Verse 1:2 Walk across the room. That door looks awfully nice. I just won the game. Tweet

IllFate Project

I am starting development of a Roguelike as a way of familiarizing myself with some development practices which I haven’t had a chance to use professionally yet. Tweet